SecureMyBit Deny

SecureMyBit Deny is a simple, light and freeware security tool that permits you to deny execution of scripts that rely on Windows Script Host, perform impairment indicators analysis to detect possible malicious behaviours in analyzed executables, type your text safely against keyloggers, mouseloggers, screenloggers, etc. Then you can monitor your file system for changes and […]

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SecureMyBit DHScan

IMPORTANT: SecureMyBit DHScan is now included in our new product “SecureMyBit Deny”, download SecureMyBit Deny instead. SecureMyBit DHScan (SecureMyBit DeepHeuristic Scan) is a very simple to use and fast EXE Analyzer, which can detect suspicious behaviour in analyzed executables via an algorithm that uses specified impairment indicators. You can analyze a single file or an […]

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Here you can find all the downloads of SecureMyBit. It is always recommended to download only the latest version. IMPORTANT: If you have encrypted your files with a previous version of SecureMyBit, please decrypt them with the old version you used to encrypt your files, and then, you can encrypt them with the latest version. […]

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Why SecureMyBit?

Nowadays it becomes fundamental to protect our important files and data. One solution to securely protect our files could be an encryption system, this could be done in a simply way, so anyone can protect their files. SecureMyBit is a free, portable, and light application , which allows to encrypt any type of file with […]

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