Why SecureMyBit?

Nowadays it becomes fundamental to protect our important files and data. One solution to securely protect our files could be an encryption system, this could be done in a simply way, so anyone can protect their files. SecureMyBit is a free, portable, and light application , which allows to encrypt any type of file with password (using AES 256 Bit encryption method) and then, decrypt them. SecureMyBit provide, for this purpose, also a secure and strong random password generator, which can generate passwords, as long as you want. Another utility of SecureMyBit is the Secure File Shredder, which can delete a file permanently with an irreversible shredding operation. Our software provides also an utility which can validate the strength of user’s passwords; and a System Specs utility, which can tell us all the informations about our computer. SecureMyBit provides also, in addition, a secure virtual keyboard which doesn’t produce any keystroke, so this guarantee a protection while entering your password. Finally, you can also get information about your files: hashes, file type, file attributes, etc. and compress your text easily and fast! When you encrypt your file(s) or folder(s) the Smart Monitor will check in real-time if they are modified, renamed or changed/deleted.

So… what are you waiting for? Try SecureMyBit… today!

Key Features

Secure File Password Encryption (AES 256 Bit)


Secure File Shredder


System Specs


Password Generator


File Info Viewer


Text Compressor


Smart Monitor



  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

Special Requirement:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5




-Why SecureMyBit is detected by my antivirus/antimalware?

We want to specify that this is surely a false positive. SecureMyBit is a clean file. You can add SecureMyBit to the exclusion list of your antivirus/antimalware.

-Do I need to install SecureMyBit?

No, SecureMyBit is avalaible only in “portable” version, so it doesn’t require any installation.

-Is SecureMyBit free?

Yes, SecureMyBit is absolutely FREE and WITHOUT advertisements!

-Does SecureMyBit protect files against ransomware?

Well, SecureMyBit provides surely additional protection to the encrypted files, against ransomware, also because the extension of the encrypted files are encoded. This doesn’t mean SecureMyBit protects files against all type of ransomware.

-Why SecureMyBit gives me an error message when I try to decrypt my files?

A possible cause of this problem could be that you have encrypted file(s) with a double extension (such as “.txt.txt”) in the file name, or maybe you have encrypted a password-protected archive, please check this.

-How can I contact the developer?

You can contact me (JM Security) via e-mail, please see “Support” section.

-Why if I select an encrypted file with “File Info Viewer” I get an alert from Smart Monitor?

This happens because the “File Info Viewer” gathers information of the selected file, but it doesn’t change the file.