Here you can find all the downloads of SecureMyBit. It is always recommended to download only the latest version.


If you have encrypted your files with a previous version of SecureMyBit, please decrypt them with the old version you used to encrypt your files, and then, you can encrypt them with the latest version. When you encrypt a file or folder, PLEASE DRAG AND DROP ONLY ONE FILE OR ONE FOLDER. PLEASE DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS/ANTIMALWARE TEMPORARILY DURING ENCRYPTION/DECRYPTION TASKS TO PREVENT POSSIBLE ISSUES CAUSED BY THE BLOCKING OF THE APPLICATION. PLEASE DON’T ENCRYPT FILE(S) WITH DOUBLE EXTENSION (e.g. “.txt.txt”) OR FILE(S) WITH ONE OR MORE DOTS BEFORE THE EXTENSION AND AVOID TO ENCRYPT ARCHIVE(S) PROTECTED WITH PASSWORD. More info about SecureMyBit: Here

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Download SecureMyBit 2.3 Stable (added Smart Monitor voice when there is a modify of encrypted file(s), GUI improvements and changes, added “Help” button, added option to enable/disable Smart Monitor voice, added “10”,”35″,”50″ for overwrite times of Secure File Shredder, bugs fixed)

Download SecureMyBit 2.2 Stable (added the possibility to generate easier to remember passwords, password generator much improved, several bugs fixed)

Download SecureMyBit 2.1 Stable (added Smart Monitor to monitor in real-time modifies on encrypted file(s), added “Start with Windows” option, several bugs fixed)

Download SecureMyBit 2.0 Stable (added text compressor tool, security of password inserted to encrypt files much improved (to reduce the risk of memory dumping), password generator tool much improved, fixed several bugs, other minor improvements)

Download SecureMyBit 1.9 Stable (added new encoding extension system, several bug fixes, minor graphic improvements, other bug fixes in log file)

Download SecureMyBit 1.8 Stable (new GUI, new icon, added file info viewer, several bug fixes, several graphic improvements, other bug fixes)

Download SecureMyBit 1.6 Stable (graphic adjustments (GUI updated), added selected file info in secure file shredder, added system specs to system tray context menu, improved graphic and precision of password validator (added “Very Weak”, “Weak”, “Medium”, “Strong”, “Very Strong”, “IMPOSSIBLE”), logged also folder encrypted, advanced system specs graphic improved, other bugs fixed)


Download SecureMyBit 1.5 Beta (added options feature, added the possibility to minimize the program in the system tray, added context menu to the system tray icon, several bugs fixed, graphic adjustments, added log file creation after encyption/decryption events, added the possibility to enable/disable automatic “check for updates”, added manual “check for updates”, added “Reset Default” button in options form)

Download SecureMyBit 1.4 Beta (bugs fixed in password generator. Thanks @DardiM for reporting, check if a file/folder isn’t encrypted, GUI adjustments and improvements, added the possibility to open the password generator in the password enter prompt, system specs loading process faster and graphical improvements, SecureMyBit now saves password generator settings, added the possibility to choose the path where the original file(s) must be saved, check if the folder to encrypt is empty or not, other general improvements)

Download SecureMyBit 1.3 Beta (Fixed other minor reported bugs, added virtual keyboard (to have protection while entering your password), fixed other GUI minor bugs, added the possibility to view and hide the password in the password form)

Download SecureMyBit 1.2 Beta (Fixed other important bugs, fixed bugs in password generator, file shredder now can shred also file(s) in subfolder(s), added other settings for advanced mode in the file shredder, GUI improvements)

Download SecureMyBit 1.1 Beta (Fixed some critical bugs, some GUI adjustments, fixed other minor bugs, fixed some graphical bugs)

Download SecureMyBit 1.0 Beta